Safety at Niagara Falls Landfill

At Niagara Falls Landfill, keeping our community and our workers safe is the most important thing we do. Safety is a priority throughout our operations, from the very base of our Landfill’s liner to the trucks we screen as they enter our gates.

How We Protect The Community

  • Built Strong: Our on-site employees have extensive experience operating and managing landfills in an environmentally responsible manner.

  • Protects Groundwater and Surface Water: Niagara Falls monitors its existing waste footprint with 200 individual groundwater monitoring wells and 1 surface water monitoring point. Each of these is tested routinely, and groundwater samples are analyzed in a lab to verify groundwater and surface water safety.

  • Protects the Air: Our landfill gas management system collects gas through a series of pipes and gas wells. Collected gas is routed to an on-site flare where it is safely destroyed.

  • Screened for Radiation: Niagara Falls Landfill screens loads of waste for potential radiation with an industrial radiation detection system. This ensures that loads that enter the site are free from potential radioactive waste.

  • Inspected Regularly: Niagara Falls Landfill is inspected monthly by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC).

  • Overseen Continuously: Niagara Falls Landfill uses data management software that allows its operators to monitor landfill systems right from their smart phones. This ensures that our personnel are informed about our infrastructure operation 24-hours a day.